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Welcome to the family - your Target Protection Plan welcome kit


Congratulations, you just let go of something you never really needed in the first place... "worry." Your product is now protected by a %%=v(@clientPlanName)=%%.

Now it's time to save your plan details on your solution hub. It only takes a minute to create an account and upload your receipt. Why go searching for it if you ever have to file a claim? So grab your receipt and let's do it:

Get started

What is your solution hub?

It's the fastest, easiest way to file a claim and follow your claim progress. Upload your receipt today and you won't need to go searching for it if you ever need to file a claim. Your hub is also your go-to place to find helpful product tips and troubleshooting information. From here, you'll be able to:

  • Quickly file a claim and track your progress
  • Upload your receipts and keep them in a safe place (you'll need them if you ever have to file a claim)
  • Manage and enjoy the benefits of all your protection plans
  • Get answers to frequently asked questions
  • View the manufacturer's warranty information

Here are the vital details about your plan:

Coverage term:

years from unit
purchase date

Order Number: %ordernumber%
Dealer: %dealer%
Protection Plan Price: %price%
Coverage Start Date: %startdate%
Sales Rep: %salesrep%
Product Covered: %product%
Purchase Date: %purchasedate%
Product Price: %productprice%

Look at what people are spending on repairs.

On average, this is what it costs to repair these popular products.* But now that you're protected, you don't have to worry about this for your new product.
savings chart
* The above data has been provided by Asurion's network of service providers, based on 2011 average service rates. The average product prices are based on 2011 product costs.

Your Welcome toolkit.

Wondering what to do first?
Great question. Start by getting to know Asurion's Solution hub -- it's your go-to place for storing your receipts, managing your plans, getting tips on your product, filing a claim and following your progress. It only takes a couple minutes (at most) to create an account and register your product and it's the most convenient way to file a claim.
Do I need to keep my receipt?
If you ever need to file a claim, we will ask for some information from your receipt. But why hide it in your sock drawer? With Asurion's Solution hub, you can upload your receipt today and you won't need to go searching for it if your product breaks down.
My product broke down, now what?
The fastest and most convenient way to file a claim is by using Asurion's Solution hub. If you prefer to call us, you can speak to our Target Guest Service Center at 1-866-469-6356.
Questions or just want some good reading?
Get answers to frequently asked questions.
Your protection plan is powered by Asurion.
Asurion is the industry-defining leader of product support solutions. For 20 years, we have helped people around the world achieve the perfect balance of life and technology. We do it by making sure their favorite products, appliances and home-based equipment stay online and on the job in this fast-moving, tech-enabled world.
Terms and conditions.
Your plan's terms and conditions are available for you below in case you have questions about your coverage.
Download terms

Thanks again for trusting a %%=v(@clientPlanName)=%% to keep you and your products up and running.

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